Boat Detailing and Washing Services by Aqua Rinse will come to wherever your boat is located. Aqua Rinse will detail your boat up to 30′ on dry storage or a trailer.


When your boat is on a trailer we can easily detail the bow and when your boat is on a trailer, we can easily detail your boat above the water line.


Some oxidation can be buffed out, and most scratches can be buffed out. If they can't we'll recommend someone for the repairs or we'll do it ourselves when possible.


Aqua Rinse details boats in Pinellas County, South Tampa, North Bradenton, and most of the surrounding areas in Florida. You'll find our prices to be fair Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg all areas of Florida. Aqua Rinse guarantees our work and your satisfaction.


Bids based per linear foot. What changes the per linear foot cost is:

  • Whether vessel is in or out of the water?
  • Width and height of vessel, as yachts have more square footage to detail per linear foot than most boats. Yacht Detailing is bid on site only.
  • What Aqua Rinse service package vessel needs


Aqua Rinse uses 3M Marine Wash & Wax which removes the salt and chalk residue off your boat while preserving your gel coat. Aqua Rinse will then machine polish your boat with the best one step wax hands down your boat has ever had with our Special Marine Gel Coat Rejuvenator.


Wax (has compound, clay bar, and Carnauba patented formula!) All decking, compartment wells, and consoles are thoroughly hand washed and cleaned to remove dirt, mildew, and salt residue!


All your boats glass is carefully cleaned, and hand-waxed for superb visibility and UV protection.


Oxidation Removal & Sealant


For some boats with neglected Gel-coats, the most aggressive compounds alone won’t completely restore oxidation build up. Aqua Rinse uses a 3-4 step process.


1. Wet Sanding to remove all oxidation and scratches from gelcoat.


2. Compounding, 1-2 steps to bring back the shine.


3. Apply 3M Finesse-It Glaze removing any scratches or imperfections, while polishing your gelcoat preparing the surface to be sealed.


4. Apply our Rejuvenator Wax with a Carnauba patented formula!) Or Apply 3M Gelcoat Surface Sealant.



UV rays in Florida are intense and they’re extremely harmful for your boat's finish. Buffing and Polishing your boat in Florida is important if you’re going to maintain your investment in your boat and get a great price when you decide to sell your boat.


Buffing and Polishing your boat includes a buff/polish of fiberglass/gel-coats. Washing your boat with 3M boat wash and wax, a liquid/paste glaze wax application, hand &/or high speed buffing.



Aqua Rinse will thoroughly clean and vacuum your boat's floors. We’ll also Shampoo Carpet/Steam Clean, wash wax and polish your boats floors.


We’ll Shampoo - clean and buff your boat's seats using the industry’s finest cleaners for Vinyl, Plastic or Leather Seats to ensure your boat receives a professional detailing.



If you’d like your boat's trailer wheels to look like new, Aqua Rinse will give all of your trailer's wheels the extra attention they need, which will Include all wheels and tires cleaned, buffed, and polished.

BOAT BATH | SHOWER | APPLIANCE'S | SOFA'S are all bid separate from Exterior

Aqua Rinse services larger boats and will thoroughly clean your Boats Bathrooms, Showers, Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets, using only the finest cleaners available. Your boat's Kitchen Appliances will be left spotless and ready for fresh foods, as well as Stoves and Microwaves.


4 months of protection with a beautiful shine when properly cared for. Bring your investment back to it’s potential, AquaRinse will make your vessel look it’s best.