RV bids: Bids are based per linear foot: on the type of RV/Super Size Truck/Trailer, and what AquaRinse Services are needed.



  • Washing and waxing of the Exterior of your RV is extremely Important if you’re going to maintain the value and the appearance of your RV.
  • RV’s are exposed to all kinds of hazardous material on road trips. There are many things to consider if you’re driving in cold weather and taking your RV into remote locations.
  • Salt and other snow melting materials are extremely corrosive to your RV if you’re driving in the north during the winter.
  • In Florida asphalt and sand and many other hazards that are harmful to your RV are a problem.. Aqua Rinse will keep your RV looking like new, by cleaning your RV using 3M Wash and Wax from the roof of your RV down to the Rims of your RV.
  • RV Windows, exterior front and back, slide outs/pullouts, awnings, tires and wheels are included and we’ll leave your RV looking great!

RV Wash and Wax

If a simple wash and wax for your RV is all that’s needed for your, RV, motorhome, camper or airstream to make it look like new, we’ll use the best 3M cleaner’s available Along with liquid/paste glaze wax application, roof, windows, (All glass is cleaned, and hand-waxed for perfect visibility and UV protection, including all windows on exterior front and back, slide outs and pullouts.


RV Buff & Polish

UV rays in Florida are intense and they’re harmful for your RV or motor-home. Buffing and Polishing your RV is important if you’re going to maintain your investment and get a great price when you decide to sell your RV.


Buffing and Polishing of your RV includes a buff/polish of fiberglass/gel-coats. Washing your RV with 3M RV wash and wax, a liquid/paste glaze wax application, hand &/or high speed buffing. RV Buff and Polish always Includes windows, roof, front/back, slide outs/pullouts, awnings, & tires/wheels.


 RV Wheel |Chrome Buff | Polish

 If you’d like your RV wheels show-room ready, Aqua Rinse will give all of your RV wheels the extra attention they need, which will Include all RV wheels and tires cleaned, buffed, and polished.